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Book Editing Services Cost – Author Writing Services



Picture Books, Easy Readers, & Early Readers – up to 2000 words:

$10 Proofreading

$20 Copy Editing

$30 Line Editing

Transition Readers, Easy Readers & Early Readers – up to 3500 words:

$17.50 Proofreading

$35 Copy Editing

$52.50 Line Editing

Chapter Books – up to 15,000 words:

$75 Proofreading

$150 Copy Editing

$225 Line Editing

Middle Grade Books – up to 45,000 words:

$270 Proofreading

$540 Copy Editing

$742.50 Line Editing

Young Adult – up to 80,000 words:

$480 Proofreading

$960 Copy Editing

$742.50 Line Editing

Novels – Fiction – up to 100,000 words:

$600 Proofreading

$1200 Copy Editing

$1650 Line Editing

Short Stories – up to 10,000 words

$60 Proofreading

$120 Copy Editing

$165 Line Editing

Poems – up to 1500 words

$9 Proofreading

$18 Copy Editing

$24.75 Line Editing

Non-Fiction Editing Services – up to 25,000 words

$150 Proofreading

$300 Copy Editing

$412.50 Line Editing – Fact Checking, Research Etc.


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Other Editing:

Bulletins – Fliers – Newsletters – Single Page Community/Church/Author Promotional Material, etc. – Double Sided – $20 Complete Edit

Resumes – $30 – includes critique

Catalog Product Descriptions – $3.50/each up to 100 words

Social Media Profile Editing/Marketing Critique – $6 – Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest

LinkedIn – $80

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Writing: (ghostwriting)

Study Guides/Curriculum – $15/page

Synopsis/Proposal – $15/page

Query Letter – $10


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Social Media Profile Writing: 

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest – $20

LinkedIn – $160 – includes research, exploitation of all skills, experiences, etc.


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Graphic Design, Layout & Marketing Centered Writing:

Social Media Cover Design – $75

Brochures – Single Page – Double Sided – $295 – Any Style Fold – Specify Letter or A4

Book Cover/Jacket – $295

Fliers – Double Sided – $75

Bookmarks – $95 – double sided

Business Cards – $175 – double sided

Letterhead & Envelope – $45

Resume – $175 – includes 30 minute phone call, recommendations, and exploitation of all skills and experiences.


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*Please Note – I prefer to charge a fair flat rate instead of by the hour because I simply don’t like variables in pricing. Prices are figured by a set charge per word. Above word counts are the minimum charge – words over will be charged per word.


Picture Books to Chapter Books are as follows:

  • .005/word – Proofreading
  • .01/word – Copy Editing
  • .015/word – Line Editing

Middle Grade and up are as follows:

  • .006/word – Proofreading
  • .012/word – Copy Editing
  • .0165/word – Line Editing

Writing services are either .0375/word or .075/word – plus applicable design and marketing centered writing included.

For services over the minimum charge for word counts listed, please contact me so that I can send you an invoice for exact word count.

Turn Around Times:

Query Letters, Transition Readers, Easy Readers, etc. – under 3500 words – Approximately 3-5 Days.

Chapter Books & Middle Grade – Approximately 8 Days.

Young Adult – Approximately 14 Days.

Novels – Approximately 14 Days.

Short Stories & Poems – Approximately 5 Days.

Non-Fiction – Approximately 10 Days.

Other Editing – Approximately 3-5 Days.

These times are estimates depending on my workload it can be longer, so times are average. I will contact you as soon as possible to let you know how long your wait will be. If you don’t hear anything from me within the specified time, either I didn’t get it or fell off the face of the earth. Most likely I didn’t get it for some odd reason – so please try to contact me – if necessary, through social media in case the problem is with email.


Payment Options & Terms: 

PayPal, Debit & Credit Card payments accepted through PayPal – you do not need a PayPal account to use any credit card option.

Payment plan options are available – please contact me for details.

With PayPal, we’re both protected, and is, therefore, preferred.

Cashier’s Check or Money Order accepted.  No Personal or Certified Checks.

All money is to be paid upfront. All Payments Final. No Refunds. Payment Negotiations may be arranged for those in need.