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Social Quant Alternative – Even Better – Owlead

Increase Twitter Followers – Awesome Social Quant Alternative

When Social Quant closed it’s operation earlier this year, many Twitter users were left with very few, if any alternatives. Personally, even though I’ve found ManageFlitter and CrowdFire to be useful applications, I don’t see them as an alternative to Social Quant.  

Recently though, I was introduced to an amazing program that I’ve been using for about two weeks and have already grown over 500 followers. So, I’d say it’s working pretty well and I’m pleased with the simplicity of it – and that’s Owlead

Here’s how Owlead works: 

  • Register Free
  • Connect Your Twitter Account
  • Choose a Similar Account
  • Setup Filters/Keywords
  • Attract Followers
  • Analyze and Tweak
How to increase Twitter followers - without Social Quant

I set everything up and did some tweaking with different accounts and filters, and, not only did I find it to be super easy to use, but, it definitely works! 

The Twitter followers I’ve gained have been quality followers and I’ve already made quite a few awesome new connections. 

Here are the screenshots of before setting up and after two weeks:  

Building Twitter Followers

Before setting up campaigns.

Twitter Account Building with Owlead

Stats before setting up campaigns.

Two Weeks After Using Owlead Twitter Follower Building Tool

Exactly 2 weeks after setting up campaigns.

So that's not too bad, 237 followers in 2 weeks. But, I didn't like how my stats were looking, so I did some tweaking with different accounts and keyword filters. Here are the results at 3 weeks:

Grow Twitter Followers with this Awesome App

After 3 weeks of using Owlead and a bit more tweaking - 515 new followers.

So, overall, I’d say that Owlead is an awesome Twitter follower building app and it doesn’t look like it’ll have any of the issues that Social Quant has had with Twitter.

They also have awesome pricing options for accounts:

Price Options for building Twitter accounts with Owlead

Pricing options for Owlead accounts - plus 10 day free trial.

When you sign up, you can get a ten day free trial, without having to add your credit card information, which is awesome because there's no surprise payments if you decide you don't want it. 

Also, they have several affordable options to help you build up gradually, or go at it full force.

When you sign up, you'll receive an email where you can add your email for a free 7 day course on building your Twitter account too. I've used Twitter for years, but I was still able to learn a good bit from the free course. 

It's easy to follow and is a great refresher course even for experienced Twitter users.