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What Does It Take for an Author to Be Successful?

When I first met T.W. Bright on Twitter, I could tell he was a little unsure about his (awesome) ideas and capability of creating a book that would convey his message. 

Author Success Stories - T.W. Bright

I was not only drawn by the message in his story, but by the fact that he wanted to do something different, and wanted to reach people with something innovative, honest, and good. 

T.W. Bright wrote a super hero book for children that shows kids they can deal with bullying without using violence, that they don’t have to wear a cape to be a hero, and he wanted to give children of color a story with kids who look like them. 

Take a look to see Bright and the Bully.  

After several conversations, query letters, editing, and delving into the act of publishing his story, T.W. Bright became just as much of an encouragement for me as I was to him.

His dedication and commitment were one thing, but he’s also fearless in marketing himself, which is truly inspiring to me and helped me to stop hiding behind my computer screen, worrying whether or not I’ll come across as I intend. 

That was a couple years ago now, and prior to T.W. Bright publishing his book, I ended up moving 100 miles while he secured his illustrator. After getting myself situated we got straight back to work and published his book and website. 

He decided to go with self-publishing so that his message wouldn’t be tainted, and we worked and worked to get the formatting right. Have you ever done a full-color, full-bleed picture book on Amazon – a single page at a time? It was a great time though. 

He might not even know all the nights I stayed up late making sure each image was perfect, or how many times I forgot to eat because I was working, but that’s ok, because I loved doing it. 🙂 


Not only did I gain experience, but I gained a lifelong friend, whom I will be forever grateful to. 

Because of him – his faith, persistence, and dedication to his work, as well as encouragement, he also helped me to grow and be more successful in what I do.  

So, what does it take to be successful as an author? It’s very simple really. Faith, trust, and fairy dust. 


There are other things too – like dedication, persistence, and learning how to make your work better, we don’t want to leave that out. 

But, my job is to supply the fairy dust – encouragement, positive attitude, support, information, and whatever else it is you need to learn to fly. 

Everyone I’ve worked with has been an encouragement to continue doing what I do, to grow myself, my business, and to be here for those who feel they don’t have anyone in their corner.

Every success fuels my fire, and T.W. Bright is a shining example. 

What every author needs for success:
  • Support and encouragement
  • Information and knowing where to find it
  • Dedication, commitment, and persistence
  • Marketing ideas
  • Faith, trust, and fairy dust. 😉 

Do you need some  help with your book or need marketing ideas? Send me an email with your questions and I’ll help you in any way that I can!

Have a successful day!


How Often Should You Post on Social Media?

How Often Should You Post on Social Media?

There are a lot of different opinions regarding how often to post on social media, but one of the things I’ve found is that there are a lot more factors to keep in mind than just a number.

Here are some tips to keep in mind:
  • The best number is the one you can be consistent with
  • Sometimes it depends on your niche
  • It depends on how much content you have
  • It can depend on how many followers you have
  • Each social media network is different
  • You have to get creative to attract attention
  • Always use videos, graphics, and photos when possible

How often should I post on Social Media?


There are many successful people posting up to 80 times per day on Twitter, or more. Twitter works on a momentary basis, so you want to add lots of great tweets regularly. The thing to keep in mind with tweeting a lot is not to post the same message over and over – because then it just looks spammy. This doesn’t mean you can’t tweet the same message more than once a day, but you could word it differently or use different graphics to freshen it up so it’s not always exactly the same.

You can start out tweeting less when you have less than 1,000 followers, but one way to get more followers is to post more regularly. As your follower number grows, you can gradually increase your number of tweets as well because people love consistent growth.

So, for example, if you only have around 1,000 followers, you can post anywhere from 5-20 times a day without looking too spammy. Be sure to include a variety of content types as mentioned in This Post.


Facebook less is more – but at least once a day. Even though most experts recommend only posting once per day on Facebook, some people are very successful posting several times a day on Facebook, but when you’re first getting started and you have less than 5,000 fans it’s better to keep it to around 1-5 times a day. As you grow and have fans from 5,000 and upwards you can safely post more and more content without annoying your fans too much. Just be sure to be posting a variety of relevant content, as with any social media network.


With LinkedIn once a day or even a week is sufficient. LinkedIn is a totally different kind of platform from the others and posting too much there gets frowned upon. Usually people like to read one decent article from you once a week. Your articles should be content rich and long-form.

LinkedIn has specific guidelines for posting articles which can be found here.

Instagram is a bit more like Twitter – you can safely post lots of photos throughout the day on Instagram – the more the better in this case. People love photos, just be sure you’re posting a good variety. You wouldn’t be very popular if you just posted 30 different selfies, doing the same thing in different poses. Stick to interesting variety in all cases.


Pinterest is much like Instagram and Twitter – pin lots of different content to keep things interesting on a daily basis. With Pinterest you don’t have to really pay much attention to how many followers you have though, just pin away since this is how you gain followers, much like Instagram.

What is the best number for you to post on social media?

Take a look at this awesome social media cheat sheet infographic (mid-post) from CoSchedule to help you keep your social media lively and interesting.

If you have any questions about social media posting frequency, or anything regarding author marketing, don’t hesitate to ask – I’m more than happy to help!

Have an awesome day!

Galadriel Grace Writing and Editing Tips for Authors and Business