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Grow Your Twitter Followers Exponentially

Easily Grow Your Twitter Followers

There are so many social media platforms now it’s hard to keep up sometimes. Personally, I prefer LinkedIn and Twitter to connect with my business.

I also find Twitter to be a perfect place for authors, writers, and small business to connect with their audience, readers, customers and clients.

And, if you’ve ever read submission guidelines from agents and publishers, you know that they often want you to have 10-15K followers and they’ll definitely be more interested in looking at your manuscript when you already have a large and engaging audience.

But, getting that many followers on Twitter to attract agents or publishers and make an impact and reach your audience is difficult. It can take ages to build your audience to that level.

I’ll let you in on a little secret though – there isn’t a better time to start your marketing efforts on Twitter. Because now we have Owlead, which is one of the easiest apps to use for increasing your Twitter followers and building your audience and business with little effort.

Not only is Owlead super easy to use, but you also have the option to build your audience quickly within just a few months, moderately, or take a longer time and build gradually.

How to get more followers on Twitter.

I’ve been using Owlead for a couple months now and I’ve been impressed. I was so excited with how well it’s was working right away that I began spending more time on Twitter, further building my audience through engagement.

About a month ago I had a wedding to attend 300 miles away, and when I came back, spent a couple weeks being terribly sick. The whole time in the back of my mind I worried that I wasn’t making progress with my account. I wasn’t able to tweak my account or remove any unwanted unfollowers, but as it turned out, my followers were continuing to grow without me and my unwanted unfollowers were being systematically removed.

*Update – Owlead is now more manual, due to Twitter’s changes, so it’s no longer automatic, but still super easy and compliant.

At the moment, here is my account as it stands while I write this:

How to seriously grow your Twitter Followers - fast

That’s almost 2000 new followers in about 6 weeks, and that’s without making any adjustments in 3 weeks. On their site they suggest that you can expect 600-900 new followers per month, so I’d say it’s doing pretty well and delivering more than promised.

Here’s a view of my followers which shows the ones I gained with and without Owlead:

Twitter growth with Owlead

One of the other useful things you get with your Owlead account is an in-depth analytics tool which shows the gender, interests, countries, language, and quality of your followers.

Here’s a look at mine right now: I think my favorite there in the interest keyword section is “lover” – wonder what that one means? I’m going to assume it’s from bios that contain things like “book lover” or “cat lover”.

Tool to analyze followers interests and keywords

Also it’s neat to see that not only am I gaining followers, but they aren’t junk, they’re real people with high quality accounts.

Read more about Owlead in a previous post.

Be sure to try the 10-Day Free Trial, where you don’t even need to add your credit card info and when you do, sign-up for the Free 7-Day Twitter Crash Course.


Social Quant Alternative – Even Better – Owlead

Increase Twitter Followers – Awesome Social Quant Alternative

When Social Quant closed it’s operation earlier this year, many Twitter users were left with very few, if any alternatives. Personally, even though I’ve found ManageFlitter and CrowdFire to be useful applications, I don’t see them as an alternative to Social Quant.  

Recently though, I was introduced to an amazing program that I’ve been using for about two weeks and have already grown over 500 followers. So, I’d say it’s working pretty well and I’m pleased with the simplicity of it – and that’s Owlead

Here’s how Owlead works: 

  • Register Free
  • Connect Your Twitter Account
  • Choose a Similar Account
  • Setup Filters/Keywords
  • Attract Followers
  • Analyze and Tweak
How to increase Twitter followers - without Social Quant

I set everything up and did some tweaking with different accounts and filters, and, not only did I find it to be super easy to use, but, it definitely works! 

The Twitter followers I’ve gained have been quality followers and I’ve already made quite a few awesome new connections. 

Here are the screenshots of before setting up and after two weeks:  

Building Twitter Followers

Before setting up campaigns.

Twitter Account Building with Owlead

Stats before setting up campaigns.

Two Weeks After Using Owlead Twitter Follower Building Tool

Exactly 2 weeks after setting up campaigns.

So that's not too bad, 237 followers in 2 weeks. But, I didn't like how my stats were looking, so I did some tweaking with different accounts and keyword filters. Here are the results at 3 weeks:

Grow Twitter Followers with this Awesome App

After 3 weeks of using Owlead and a bit more tweaking - 515 new followers.

So, overall, I’d say that Owlead is an awesome Twitter follower building app and it doesn’t look like it’ll have any of the issues that Social Quant has had with Twitter.

They also have awesome pricing options for accounts:

Price Options for building Twitter accounts with Owlead

Pricing options for Owlead accounts - plus 10 day free trial.

When you sign up, you can get a ten day free trial, without having to add your credit card information, which is awesome because there's no surprise payments if you decide you don't want it. 

Also, they have several affordable options to help you build up gradually, or go at it full force.

When you sign up, you'll receive an email where you can add your email for a free 7 day course on building your Twitter account too. I've used Twitter for years, but I was still able to learn a good bit from the free course. 

It's easy to follow and is a great refresher course even for experienced Twitter users. 

How Often Should You Post on Social Media?

How Often Should You Post on Social Media?

There are a lot of different opinions regarding how often to post on social media, but one of the things I’ve found is that there are a lot more factors to keep in mind than just a number.

Here are some tips to keep in mind:
  • The best number is the one you can be consistent with
  • Sometimes it depends on your niche
  • It depends on how much content you have
  • It can depend on how many followers you have
  • Each social media network is different
  • You have to get creative to attract attention
  • Always use videos, graphics, and photos when possible

How often should I post on Social Media?


There are many successful people posting up to 80 times per day on Twitter, or more. Twitter works on a momentary basis, so you want to add lots of great tweets regularly. The thing to keep in mind with tweeting a lot is not to post the same message over and over – because then it just looks spammy. This doesn’t mean you can’t tweet the same message more than once a day, but you could word it differently or use different graphics to freshen it up so it’s not always exactly the same.

You can start out tweeting less when you have less than 1,000 followers, but one way to get more followers is to post more regularly. As your follower number grows, you can gradually increase your number of tweets as well because people love consistent growth.

So, for example, if you only have around 1,000 followers, you can post anywhere from 5-20 times a day without looking too spammy. Be sure to include a variety of content types as mentioned in This Post.


Facebook less is more – but at least once a day. Even though most experts recommend only posting once per day on Facebook, some people are very successful posting several times a day on Facebook, but when you’re first getting started and you have less than 5,000 fans it’s better to keep it to around 1-5 times a day. As you grow and have fans from 5,000 and upwards you can safely post more and more content without annoying your fans too much. Just be sure to be posting a variety of relevant content, as with any social media network.


With LinkedIn once a day or even a week is sufficient. LinkedIn is a totally different kind of platform from the others and posting too much there gets frowned upon. Usually people like to read one decent article from you once a week. Your articles should be content rich and long-form.

LinkedIn has specific guidelines for posting articles which can be found here.

Instagram is a bit more like Twitter – you can safely post lots of photos throughout the day on Instagram – the more the better in this case. People love photos, just be sure you’re posting a good variety. You wouldn’t be very popular if you just posted 30 different selfies, doing the same thing in different poses. Stick to interesting variety in all cases.


Pinterest is much like Instagram and Twitter – pin lots of different content to keep things interesting on a daily basis. With Pinterest you don’t have to really pay much attention to how many followers you have though, just pin away since this is how you gain followers, much like Instagram.

What is the best number for you to post on social media?

Take a look at this awesome social media cheat sheet infographic (mid-post) from CoSchedule to help you keep your social media lively and interesting.

If you have any questions about social media posting frequency, or anything regarding author marketing, don’t hesitate to ask – I’m more than happy to help!

Have an awesome day!

Galadriel Grace Writing and Editing Tips for Authors and Business