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Make Money From Blogging TodayAffiLinker is the simple, smart way to increase affiliate income from your WordPress blog quickly and easily.

If you’re working hard to earn an affiliate income from your blog and not seeing results – you’re doing it wrong.

You don’t need to keep struggling, there is an easier way.  AffiLinker Plugin automatically converts your keywords into affiliate links throughout your website and blog so that your visitors can click more easily.

No need to mess with coding, just install this simple plugin for your WordPress website and start earning more affiliate income right away. It takes less than 3 minutes to set up on your existing blog and you are in complete control of the link placement so you have no worries of being compliant with Google. With just a few simple settings you can specify which pages or posts your affiliate links will appear, while having the ability to place your links on unlimited pages.


Your WordPress Blog + AffiLinker Plugin = More Income


You can easily create colorful, stylish links that your visitors will love to click so that you can effectively increase your affiliate income. You have complete control over which keywords to prioritize and complete tracking tools so that you can increase your affiliate income from the best performing keywords.

AffiLinker makes it easy for you to insert keyword affiliate links into your website so that you can have more time to focus on your content and marketing.

You can also increase your visibility with a Link Cloud, which is much like a Tag Cloud, except that instead it contains your most profitable keyword links. Easily add your Link Cloud to your sidebar or footer with a drag and drop widget.

Stop struggling to make money from your WordPress blog – it’s time to increase your affiliate income – get the AffiLinker Plugin to increase affiliate sales.

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