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WordPress Theme Screenshots

Screenshots of WordPress Theme Templates


View screenshots for the WordPress themes we have for sale – these options are with all WP themes that we have listed and any custom themes we create.

Our WordPress themes have 10 widget areas, though you really shouldn’t ever use all ten at the same time, it’s mainly to give you customizable options.

Available Widgets



This screenshot shows where each widget will appear at the top of the page – these will overlap if text or banners are longer than the area – in this case you can just use one or the other.  The option for two is so that you can put something in one corner or the other on different pages.

Top Ad Slot Widgets

These screenshots are also from the Blue Wood WordPress Theme.


The bottom of the page is the same way – you can use small text or code in corners, or just use one for a large banner across the bottom of the pages.

Also within the footer you have many options to use as many or as few widgets as you like and you can play around with different sizes, codes, etc., giving you complete freedom to customize.

Footer Widgets


This shows the Vertical Menu widget – go into your “Menus” under “Appearance” and create a menu for whatever pages you want and then just drag “Vertical Menu” to the Primary Widget area and select the menu that you just created, you may give it a title or not, and of course, “save”.


Custom Menu Option

This is a screenshot from the Blue Wood theme’s custom vertical menu – with hovering over the About Page.

Custom Menu Hover


This section is under “Appearance” -> “Theme Options” at the bottom of the page.  All you do is place your html, text, script, or whatever advertisement/affiliate code, into one of the boxes and “Save”.  Then you use a simple shortcode to place the ad anywhere on your site!  These are awesome for set-and-forget Google Adsense codes, no plugin required, no coding, no hassle.

WordPress Theme Screenshots


All of our themes have these options – no plugins necessary, already in the theme, easy, simple – just pick your favorite colors and font styled themes!


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