The only just literary critic is Christ, who admires more than does any man, the gifts He Himself has bestowed. – JRR Tolkien

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The Describer's Dictionary - review for writers.

The Describer’s Dictionary

A Treasury of Terms and Literary Quotations Expanded Second Edition by David Grambs and Ellen S. Levine This unique, one of a kind reference book is a valuable resource tool for every wordsmith seeking to find just the right word for their novel, blog, essay, or letter to mom. One of the most interesting things...

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Calling Fire From Heaven by Gregg Voss book review - paranormal fiction.

Calling Fire From Heaven – Gregg Voss

Phenomenal collection of stories with impact! When Gregg Voss puts out something new to read I can’t get my hands on it fast enough-his writing is always top-drawer and the stories are profound, to say the least. Calling Fire From Heaven is a fantastic collection and I can’t wait to read more of his work....

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One More Round - The Life Story of Ian "Schoolboy" Garrett book review

One More Round – Ian Schoolboy Garrett

The Life Story of Ian “Schoolboy” Garrett I was thoroughly impressed reading One More Round, not because of the book itself, but really the story. After a tragic accident early in his life, Ian Schoolboy Garrett spent the second half of his upbringing under the guidance of Jack Leonard-who was an amazing man in the...

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The Valley of American Shadow by Gregg Voss book review

The Valley of American Shadow – Gregg Voss

Dark, Realistic Stories of Phenomena Across America The stories in The Valley of American Shadow are clever – I found myself asking, How did the author come up with this? The characters are so real it’s not funny – they could be anyone you know, anywhere. Out of the 16 stories, I couldn’t pick a...

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