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How to fine-tune your book's manuscript before you send to an editor, agent, or publish - how to make your novel is the best it can be

Fine Tuning Your Manuscript – Part One

You’ve Written “The End” – But Is Your Book Ready? Okay, so you’ve finally reached the magic words, The End. But is it really? Are you done? Have you really finished your book? Chances are, you haven’t. If you’ve only written the words The End, once or twice – if you’ve spent very little time...

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How to write and revise your novel manuscript with active voice - passive examples.

Active Versus Passive Voice

Engage Your Reader with Active Voice in Your Writing While it has it’s uses – mostly in business writing – passive voice is considered weak and unappealing. Technically speaking, voice is determined by the property of a transitive verb which shows whether the subject of a sentence acts or is acted upon. Lets look at...

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Where to find affiliate links for your website.

Where to Earn Money with Your Author Website

Where to Earn Money With Your Author Website As we said in a previous post – Should You Put Affiliate Links On Your Author Website? – it’s not a bad idea to put some well-balanced affiliate links and advertisements to earn extra money with your author website, as long as you don’t overdo it or make...

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Is it OK to put affiliate links on an author website?

Should You Put Affiliate Links On Your Author Website?

Should You Put Affiliate Links On Your Author Website? This is a common question for authors and it doesn’t really have a specific answer. But, if you’re an author asking this question, you’ve come to the right place to find out if you should put affiliate links on your author website. First of all, if...

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What are adverbs - how should I use adverbs - can I use adverbs in my manuscript?

Adverbs – Part One

What is an Adverb?  An adverb is a word that modifies a verb, an adjective, or another adverb. Here’s some examples: Adjective Form: happy clear close dear perfect Adverb Form: happily clearly closely dearly perfectly Of course, not all adverbs in in ly as the following list demonstrates: quite very much right too never  soon...

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What should an author post on my author social media networks?

Author Marketing Ideas for Posting on Social Media

Author Marketing Ideas for Posting on Social Media Need some awesome author marketing ideas for social media? Obviously you want to post content on social media that creates interest in your book and builds your audience. But how do you know what you should post? First, you want to be sure you’re posting daily on your...

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