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Make the Most of Your Author Profile in Social Media

Rock Your Author Social Media Profile

How to Rock Your Author Social Media Profile Mainly this post is regarding Twitter, but much of it applies across all social media platforms and will help you rock your author social media profile. You may not realize how important your author social media profile is to your audience’s expectations, but it gives them a first...

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How to Get Traffic to Your Author Website

Tips on Getting Traffic to Your Author Website

Tips on Getting Traffic to Your Author Website Getting traffic to your author website isn’t luck, a magic formula, or any other such myth. Every aspect of your business, product, and yes, getting traffic to your website requires applying the necessary skills, and yes, work. You have to take the steps to get your links...

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Do I really have to avoid adverbs in my novel manuscript? Should my story have less adverbs? How to use adverbs in fiction without overdoing it.

Adverbs – Part Three

The Dreaded LYs When discussing adverbs in regards to writing fiction, the kind we’re usually talking about are the ly words – like clearly, dearly, and madly. Many high-brow critics complain that the use of adverbs like this is a lazy man’s (or woman’s) tool. I remember the first time I turned in some of...

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World-building in science fiction novels and stories - are you giving readers too much information at a time?

World Building – Information Dumps in Your Story

Are You Overwhelming Your Readers? Have you ever run across a prologue like this: (usually in sci-fi books) Captain Briggs took the helm and began shouting orders. “Ensign, optimize the traspositional filtration valves to ignite the gravitational destabilizers.” “I can’t do that,” Ensign Scott replied. “If I optimize the filtration valve, the axomital diffusionators will...

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Tips to Get More Traffic to Your Author Website

Traffic to Your Author Website with Awesome SEO

SEO Tips for Getting More Traffic to Your Author Website First of all, you may be asking, what is SEO and what does it matter to me? I’m just putting my website up so that people can go there and see my stuff – right? It matters a lot – just as much as grammar and...

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SEO and Marketing Tips for Authors

SEO for Authors – How to Rock

SEO for Authors – How to Rock Do Authors Need to Worry About SEO Skills? Simple answer – yes, you need to work on your SEO skills – even if you’re just an author trying to sell books. As an author SEO should be one of the top skills to learn if you plan on...

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