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Children’s Book Marketing Ideas


Children’s Book Marketing Ideas To Put On Your Author Website or Physically Mailed

As an author in the 21st century, you certainly have to be more vigilant with your own book marketing than ever before, in which case, many authors find themselves having to learn marketing as well. Many authors think this is only relevant to the self-publishing industry, but it’s becoming more prevalent in the traditional publishing market as well. This isn’t a bad thing, however, it can sometimes become debilitating until you find creative ways that work for you and your book theme.

Marketing Ideas for Children's Books

To get started, think of your audience. Who is your audience?

Always remember that when you’ve written a children’s book that your audience is more likely their parents than the children themselves.

Also, remember that your audience is never fellow authors, unless you’ve written a book specifically for them.

If you need some ideas to figure out exactly who your audience is and what type of content they want, see this Related Link Content Ideas for Your Author Blog.

Now that we know who our audience is, we can brainstorm about marketing materials that you can put on your children’s author website or mail along with a physical book.

These types of book marketing materials should be:
  • free – as a gift for signing up for your email is ideal, or sent with a physical copy of your book
  • most often printable – in PDF or image format – or mailed with a physical copy of your book
  • should include images from your book cover as well as a link to your website

If you are selling your own physical copies of your books, ideally you would want to have a mix of materials that are both downloadable and physically sent along with your book.

Any of these marketing materials can either be in PDF format for your audience to download from your website or you can find affordable printing options in a variety of venues that you can order physical copies from.

You can also offer two versions of almost any of these ideas as well – a full-color version and a black and white version for kids to color.

Need some marketing ideas for your children's book?

Let’s get to some brainstorming!

Children’s Book Marketing Ideas – Marketing Materials:
  • Coloring Pages – you could create a whole coloring book and even publish
  • Artwork – wall art posters
  • Bookmarks – add encouraging text
  • Pencil Buddies – makes a fun paper craft for kids – just needs a hole punched in each end to slide over a pencil
  • Masks – especially if your book is animal themed or has a unique creature
  • Journal Pages – for art and/or writing – either individual printable pages or a printed book – another publishing opportunity
  • Calendars — Monthly and/or Yearly something to also keep people coming back for updated ones
  • Study Guides – a simple guide with questions about the story, moral lessons, and about the characters
  • Alphabet Cards – parents love these cards for children’s decor
  • Memory Verse Cards – if your book is based on a specific Biblical theme
  • Recipe Cards – if related to your book in any way
  • Goal Charts – Chore Charts – Daily Schedules
  • Science Experiments, Studies, or Pages
  • Song or Music Pages
  • Games – a simple game board that might require nothing more than dice
  • Paper Hats, Crowns, Airplanes, Boats, etc.
  • For more ideas, search children’s paper craft ideas, take any craft idea, and change it to match your book’s characters, setting, and theme.
  • Some other ideas are Puzzle & Activity Pages:
  • Word Searches
  • Crossword Puzzles
  • Matching Words/Pictures
  • Mazes
  • Word Games
  • Drawing
  • Counting/Math Pages
  • Spelling/Reading Pages
  • Alphabet Letter Writing Pages

There are hundreds of different puzzle and activity pages and you could have one for each character in your book and/or about the theme or setting. For more ideas in this area, just grab any children’s puzzle and activity book.

Once you get your brain storming it can be a lot of fun coming up with marketing materials and you’ll notice they just start to pour, so be sure you keep a tablet handy to jot them down.

If you do need a little help coming up with ideas for your particular book theme, don’t hesitate to send me an email and tell me about it. I’ll help you in any way that I can.

Have an awesome day and careful of the lightning!

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