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Content Ideas to Post on Your Author Blog

Sometimes when your creativity is focused on your book it’s hard to come up with content ideas for your author blog.

Here are a few tips and ideas to get you started for when you’re having difficulty coming up with content ideas.

What to Put on Children's Author Website

Some things to keep in mind about your audience:

If you’re an author of children’s books – you don’t want to be posting things on your blog such as:

  • how to publish your book
  • where the best places to market your book are
  • or where to get a good illustrator.

These things may be of interest to you, and most likely are, but they are not things that are interesting to your readers.

This is a very common, and frustrating, problem – especially with social media. It’s a mistake you don’t want to make on your author website.

Your audience is not other authors unless you have written a book specifically for authors.

If you’re writing children’s books your audience is the parents of the age group of your genre. They want content that is relevant for their children and you want them to take an interest in your books.

Content Ideas for Authors - Audience

First, decide who your audience is by starting simply with your genre, what your book is about, and then break it down from there.

For children’s books, your audience is almost always the parents of the age group, not the children themselves – personally, I haven’t seen too many 4-year-olds out shopping at the bookstore by themselves. 🙂

Some questions to think about when posting content on your website for your audience:
  • What are their interests?
  • What do they want to read about?
  • What kinds of things do they buy?
  • Do they like the outdoors?
  • Do they like dogs? (or fill in animal that might be relevant to your story)
  • What do they like to do for fun?

Then ask yourself:

What will bring them to your website and make them want to buy your book?

Certainly not a post about how to self-publish your book with Amazon and then a link to your book in the sidebar.

They want things that are relevant to their lives, and their children. You’ll want to post content that will deepen their relationship with their kids, entertain their children, excite their children – (in a good way), help their children learn and grow, and content that will engage their children in some way.

You want to post things that will bring them to your site, engage them, and interest them in your book.

Content Ideas to Engage Your Audience

For an example:  You have a book about a kangaroo geared towards children ages 4-8.

What are their interests? Possibly animals, kangaroos, Australia.

What do they want to read about? Perhaps things that will help their children learn more about kangaroos and animals of Australia. Maybe a craft on how to make a kangaroo mask, or a post on what kangaroos eat, a video of what kangaroos are like in the wild, etc..

What kinds of things do they buy? At the very least, things of interest to children ages 4-8, perhaps nature related, having to do with Australia, animals, things that help their children further explore nature.

Do they like the outdoors? Most likely.

Do they like kangaroos? Yes, and most likely other animals of the world, or specifically Australia.

What do they like to do for fun? They might enjoy taking their kids on nature hikes, science discovery and exploration in their backyard, learning about animals.

Now you take that content and create a simple customer profile and provide content to them that’s relevant to your book and your audience.

This way you build a relationship with them and then when your next book comes out about Koala bears, you can repeat the process, providing more relevant content, gaining more readers and expanding your book sales.

Content ideas for blog posts on your children’s author website:
  • Best New Books of the Year for kids ages 4-8 – include your own book
  • Best Toys of the Year – related to your theme
  • Recipes for easy lunches – best if related to your book setting or theme
  • Fun kids snacks to eat while reading
  • Activity ideas for taking kids to the library
  • Great family time reading activities – everyone takes a turn reading a page/chapter from a family favorite book
  • Places to enjoy reading your favorite books – picnics, spot in the park, a special reading nook in your kids room
  • Crafts related to your genre – masks, bookmarks, printable activities, anything that relates to your main theme
  • Coloring pages related to your genre
  • Posts on why reading is so awesome for kids
  • What books kids really love – and include your’s
  • Favorite read-aloud stories
  • Music that might be related to your book theme
  • Games related to your book theme
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There are many creative ideas that you can intertwine to relate to your book that will give you awesome content and bring your readers back for more.

You only need to be sure that the content is relevant to the theme of your book, your audience, and genre.

Are you having trouble coming up with creative content for your website relevant to your children’s book theme? Send me a DM on Twitter with your questions and I’ll help you in any way that I can!

Have a successfully creative day!

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