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Editing Services

*Please Note – I am now open to editing fiction at this time – genres include fantasy, mystery, and anything YA.

Do you have a book manuscript that you want someone to take a look at before sending off to an agent or straight to print? I’m happy to help both indie and traditional authors with proofreading – which is included with Marketing Services.

My editing services are much different from most editors, so let’s dive into that.

I used to be hard on grammar mistakes, always bringing out the Chicago Manual Of Style, but after working with so many authors who hired me because they wanted something different, I’ve changed the way I do things.

I’m also tired of people in the publishing industry telling authors that there’s a specific way they have to do things when there isn’t. Writing is art, just like a painting, and it comes from the heart.

Yes, there are ways of writing that just sound bad and not everyone should be a writer, or at necessarily publish what they write. But, many writers are truly gifted and they simply don’t need rules hanging over their heads killing creativity.

So, what do I do? I check all your spelling, punctuation, capitalization – all the fun proofreading stuff. And, I also help you with word choice, sentence structure, collaboration, and any ideas or suggestions to make your work better without losing your voice or creativity.

I want to help you make your story the best that it can be and I want to help you get your message across with as much consistency and clarity as possible.

Even though I’ll be going through your manuscript looking for mistakes, I’m not here to point out your flaws or criticize you, but to help you make your manuscript the best it can be and encourage you in your writing.

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Your goals are my goals because I want you and your book to succeed.

Editing for Nonfiction – Business Books Only

Proofreading:What is Proofreading?

I’l be looking at your sentences – mainly just grammar, spelling, and punctuation – typographical errors.  In writing this is the last step that your book needs before sending off to publication.  At this point you’re already happy with your story flow, sentence order, wording, and you just want a pair of fresh eyes to go over your writing to make sure all your “i’s” are dotted and “t’s” are crossed.

Copy Editing:What is Copy Editing? 

Copy editing is more in depth than Proofreading.  It includes proofreading, but I’ll also check for consistency with places, names, dates, and to be sure you haven’t accidentally called Tommy “Timmy” on page 4 and that Sally is eight throughout the story instead of being six somewhere in the middle.

Line Editing:What is Line Editing?

Line editing, sometimes called developmental editing, will look at the overall flow of the story to help you make your story be the best it can be – checking your paragraphs, sentence flow, wordiness, passive voice, word usage, run-on sentences, and repetitive word usage. I include suggestions with Line Editing where I’ll make notes for you throughout your manuscript to strengthen your characters, plot, dialogue, and overall flow of the story.  Line editing is significantly more work, but can also be the most fun. Having a fresh pair of eyes on your story and your vision can give you a different perspective and we can work together to improve both your book and your creative writing skills.

You’ll receive a “track changes” Word document or PDF where you can see everything change and suggestion throughout your manuscript. None of the edits will be final until you approve them.

Business Marketing Editing

What do you get?

I’m an expert with marketing copy and SEO. All of your business editing includes marketing collaboration – we’ll go over your product or service, your audience, your platforms and your content. I’ll match your content with keywords and magnetic marketing copy that will resonate with your audience and convey your sales message and story. We’ll also tackle your marketing strategies, lead magnets, landing pages, social media, etc. You’re getting much more than just editing for your work.

So, what’s it all cost?

For all of the above editing, as well as proofreading and marketing collaboration, it’s .06/word.

So, for a 300 word query letter – $18, a 2,000 word blog post – $120, a 45,000 word MS – $2700.



What I edit:

  • Business Books
  • Marketing Content
  • Curriculum Guides
  • Queries/Synopsis/Proposals
  • Book Jacket/Cover Content
  • Non-Fiction – Leadership, Success, Travel, Historical, Art, Cookbooks, etc.
  • Website Content – Posts/Articles – SEO, Branding, & Marketing Focused
  • Advertisements and Brochure Copy
  • Slogans or Tagline
  • Email Newsletter Campaigns/Sales Letters
  • Newsletters, Catalogs, & Magazines
  • Resumes
  • Reviews
  • Brochures/Fliers/Posts
  • Other Online and Offline Publications

Complete editing and collaboration service – .06/word.

Manuscript editing includes:

Proofreading, Copy Editing, Line Editing, and Marketing

Business editing includes:

Copy Editing, Proofreading, Marketing, Ad Copy, SEO, Headlines, etc.


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 *I reserve the right to reject manuscripts. Please be sure and find the editor that is right for you.

*Payment options are available – please contact me below for details. 

Have questions? Please don’t hesitate to ask!  I’ll help you in any way that I can.

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