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How to know if your book novel manuscript is ready to be published or sent to an agent.

Fine Tuning Your Manuscript – Part Two

The Three S’s – Scene, Setting, and Senses Stories don’t occur in a bubble. They have to be set in a real and believable place. And what makes a scene or setting, is detail. And what makes the details, is work. Hard work. A lot of time and effort, in other words. Settings aren’t just...

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What are adverbs - how should I use adverbs - can I use adverbs in my manuscript?

Adverbs – Part One

What is an Adverb?  An adverb is a word that modifies a verb, an adjective, or another adverb. Here’s some examples: Adjective Form: happy clear close dear perfect Adverb Form: happily clearly closely dearly perfectly Of course, not all adverbs in in ly as the following list demonstrates: quite very much right too never  soon...

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How do I write a synopsis for my book?

What is a Synopsis and How Do I Write One?

How do I write a synopsis for my book? At its most fundamental level, a synopsis answers the question: What is this book about? A synopsis should cover (in abbreviated form) all the major points of your book in sequential order from beginningto end. In a work of fiction, you’ll want to cover all the...

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Editing your book - what's the point of editing before sending to an editor? Does a book editor charge extra if my work is bad?

Edit Your Book

Why You Should Edit Before You Send to An Editor Whether you’re publishing your book yourself, sending to an agent, or to a publisher follow these important tips. When you’re getting ready to send your manuscript off, always remember you are the writer. Editors do the editing. You wouldn’t send your car to the car...

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How to write and revise your novel manuscript with active voice - passive examples.

Active Versus Passive Voice

Engage Your Reader with Active Voice in Your Writing While it has it’s uses – mostly in business writing – passive voice is considered weak and unappealing. Technically speaking, voice is determined by the property of a transitive verb which shows whether the subject of a sentence acts or is acted upon. Lets look at...

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How to Write a Book - You Can Write a Book - Follow Easy Tips and Ideas for How to Write Your Story

How to Write a Book – Tips & Ideas

What’s the Best Way to Write a Book? There are as many answers to that questions as there are authors. And while no answer is inherently better than another, a few examples should serve to set the aspiring writer on a successful course to completing his or her first book. Obviously the answer also depends...

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Adverb lessons - what do adverbs modify in writing? How do I use adverbs in writing my book novel manuscript? Is it okay to use adverbs in fiction?

Adverbs – Part Two

What Words Serve as Both Adjectives & Adverbs? Yes, some words can serve as both adjectives and adverbs. He swung hard with a right hook. Here, hard serves as an adverb which modifies the verb swung. When he fell, his head hit the hard concrete. Here, hard is an adjective modifying the noun concrete. Occasionally,...

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Why you should edit your manuscript before sending to an editor or beta readers.

Simple Steps to Editing Success

Editing Your Final Draft Whether you’re self-publishing your book, sending to an editor, or to a publishing company — ideally you want to send your ultimate best work — even if you’re having someone else edit it for you prior to publishing. I have done a lot of editing. Editors are people too — just...

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