The only just literary critic is Christ, who admires more than does any man, the gifts He Himself has bestowed. – JRR Tolkien

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Are you an artist or musician who needs help building your brand?

Or an author who needs help formatting your book for self-publishing, marketing your book, social media, or writing query letters & marketing materials?

Or, if you’re a small business owner/entrepreneur who needs help with writing and book editing, website content, marketing materials, press releases, and social media?

You’ve come to the right place!

Your words are your most powerful asset - what story are you writing today? -Galadriel Grace

Business, Authors, Artists, Musicians ~ PR, Marketing, Writing, Editing, Book Formatting, Publishing, Social Media, and SEO

Galadriel Grace - Author Websites, Publishing, and Marketing Consultant.

Hey, I’m Galadriel Grace – I have over twenty years experience in both online and offline sales & marketing, marketing materials, website design, SEO, design, writing, publishing, and editing. You can read more about me here. I love all things that have to do with both books and marketing, and my goal is to bring those two things together for both authors and entrepreneurs.

I love to help people succeed who think they “can’t do it” – I want to tell you that yes, you can! Sometimes all you need is the right information, other times you just need a few questions answered, and sometimes you need a little help with your writing to build your confidence and help you be a better writer.

I want you to have the boldness to gain your freedom and be successful, living the life you want – doing what you love.

There are so many things we don’t do in life because we’re afraid that there’s a magic formula or some kind of secret to them. Have you been putting off publishing that book because you’re just not sure how to go about it?

Have you wanted to create a website as an author and you’re afraid it’ll be too difficult? Or have you been putting off launching your small business because you don’t think you’re writing skills are good enough to create the content you need?

Then I’m here to help you.

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Previous Client Testimonials

Christian Children's Hero Book for Kids

Bright and the Bully

TW Bright

What I like most about Galadriel is her genuine desire to want to help people. I reached out to many people, many of them blew me off. I was very grateful to find someone that would be patient enough to help a new person. I’ve already referred her to people and they’ve loved the services she’s provided as well. Thanks again, Galadriel, I recommend you to anyone! ~TW Bright – Bright and the Bully

Writer and Author James Wright - Jaws R

Pharafaneelya Series

Jaws R

I always been a writer from childhood, but I never really understood the mystical wording. Finding Galadriel Grace gave me wisdom and energy to keep writing. She help me to connect words through proper meaning and thus giving my created stories life. I was reborn again through her Grace. Thank You Galadriel!

Jaws R – Pharafaneelya Series

Portrait Writing - Tennis Writer - Novelist

My Words My Weapons

Dominic J. Stevenson

Galadriel and I were brought together by Twitter. I was fortunate to find her warm and helpful soul. The abiding sensation is of a friendly, attentive and kind woman for whom people and their voices are more important than anything else. She knows the arena of writing and editing well. She always has time to offer advice and steer writers in a more fitting direction. Her aid with my writing career in recent months has been invaluable. I highly recommend her services and myself feel very fortunate to have discovered her own.

~Dominic J Stevenson – The Art of Tennis, An Artist’s Eye View of the World Cup 2018

Children's author editor testimonial.

 Nate and Wendy 

Alex Fasano

Galadriel created our manuscript and query letter. We had the privilege of working with her, she was very helpful, caring and diligent in producing a final version we were satisfied with. She was available at all times to assist us when needed and was very easy to work with. We are so happy we connected with her and look forward to working with her again in the future. ~Alex Fasano

Nate and Wendy