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How to Write a Query Letter – Free Template

Query Letters Are Easier Than You Think!

How to write a query letter to submissions editor or literary agent - get a free query letter template.

When you’ve spent a lot of time on your book and then you’re ready to submit to an agent, writing a query letter can seem as if it’s more difficult than the book itself.

Most authors fret more about their literary agent query letter than their manuscript – you’re not alone!

With most queries being sent through email these days it’s easier than you think, just be sure to do a little research and do not send to multiple agents using the same email.

Find out the agent’s name and what kinds of books they’re looking for so that you’re sending to the right agency for your book in the first place. Otherwise you’re just wasting your own time and the agent who receives it. 

You also don’t need to format it like a business letter as if sending through mail. There is no need for date, name, and address in the top left corner. 

Free Query Letter Template Below

You should also be sure to keep your query letter short and to the point, only taking up a single page, or email screen. 

There is a simple formula to your query letter to follow which includes:

Greeting – find the specific agents name, use it, but be sure to spell it correctly and don’t add a Mrs where it should be Miss, and if you don’t know always use Ms. and last name. If you don’t know their gender use first and last name. A generic way to start is “Dear Literary Agent” or “Submission Editor”, but this is not recommended because if you do a little research it isn’t difficult to ascertain who you’re specifically going to be sending to.

Opening – also show your research here – such as “I saw on your website you were interested in this type of book and I’m submitting my title for your consideration.” Title – in all CAPS – do not use bold or italics, genre, word count, and hook. For your hook, adding a comparison book here is great – such as Huckleberry Finn meets The Cat in the Hat, but you should be sure to highlight how it’s unique from other books in your genre. One or two sentences is enough. You can have your hook be another separate paragraph. 

A simple pitch – this is your elevator pitch or sales pitch and should be only one or two sentences that shows the main plot, or conflict, and what takes your story to the highest level. You can think of this as what’s going to be on the back cover of your book and how you’re going to entice readers to buy your book. 

Author biography – think of everything that’s awesome about you that’s related to your book, and condense it into just a couple sentences. Think of this section as a resume header, but keep it relevant. 

Your signature – includes all of your contact information as well as relevant social media links and website. 

If you follow this simple literary agent or submission editor query format you can’t go wrong.

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How to write a query letter through email - free template.

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