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Professional Publishing & Marketing Consultant

Do you need a professional marketing consultant?

I’ve been helping online businesses promote their products and services, and authors set up and market their self-published books for over ten years, as well as polishing their social media profiles, websites, marketing materials and giving them a customized marketing plan for their goals.

You can hire me to personally give you custom marketing suggestions and tailored copy for your book or online business.

What you get – Authors:

  • Book read-through, critique/review
  • Social media profile critique and copy suggestions
  • Specific marketing strategy critique tailored to your genre, audience, book, goals and chosen platform
  • Website critique

What you get – Online Business:

  • Product/Service critique/review
  • Social media profile critique and marketing copy suggestions
  • Specific marketing advice tailored to your product, service, customers, goals and chosen platform
  • Website critique

Value – $997!

Marketing Consultant – Limited Time – $197.00 – Money back guarantee!

And, you’ll receive full price credit towards any service over $1,000! 

Just want book formatting and a basic consultation?

Book Formatting/Style – print and digital – your book set up and ready for publication in both print and digital files

Cover Design/Copy – print and digital versions ready for publication with bios and summaries in marketing copy


  • Best Trim Size Selection
  • Style and Design – chapter headings, font selection, etc.
  • Your Cover Design Implementation
  • Your Book – in 2 publication-ready formats – print and eBook
  • Expert SEO and marketing copy – book cover, summary, online profiles & bios
  • Social Media – strategy tailored to your audience
  • Book Review – posted book review on social media

Over $3,500 Value!

Limited Time – $797

Need help with setting up and marketing your book?

All of the above included – as well as formatting your book, help with cover design and format, copy and marketing – including, but not limited to, market research, press releases, web content, and any relevant marketing materials.

Complete Publishing & Marketing Assistant – $5175.00

Services Included:

  • Marketing Strategy – tailored to your audience, research, custom marketing angles – Value – $2,100
  • Social Media – tighten up and set up of your profiles for where you can reach your audience – Value – $500
  • Author Branding – your background, personal interests, how to reach your audience – Value – $1,500
  • Profile Writing – social media, book cover, news media, author profiles – several biographies of varying lengths for you to use in your marketing – Value – $1,000
  • Content Writing – content for your book cover, website, several book or business summaries of varying lengths for marketing – Value – $500-$800
  • Marketing Copy – summaries, expert headlines, all copy based on: your audience, genre, business, personal branding – Value – $1,200
  • SEO – search engine optimization – for website, book summary, author bio and social media –  Value – $825
  • Book Formatting/Style – print and digital – your book set up and ready for publication in both print and digital files – Value – $1,500
  • Cover Design/Copy – print and digital versions ready for publication with bios and summaries in marketing copy – Value – $300
  • Market Research – research on your audience, your interests, your angles, how and where you should sell your product or book – Value – $600
  • Book Review – reading and review posted on social media and websites where your book is sold – Value – $500
  • Market Contacts – help contacting reviewers, booksellers, news media, and anyone relevant to your market – Value – $1,000
  • Press Releases – write up of 2-3 professional press releases based on different angles for your personal story and market audience – Value – $900
  • One-Sheet/Sell-Sheet – professional write up with book summary, author bio, book information – for sending to media, booksellers, libraries, etc. – Value – $700
  • Personal Press Kit – above materials, plus additional author write ups – professionally packaged to be given to media outlets – Value – $800
  • WordPress – website critique and a basic, personalized theme if needed – Value – $300-$1,200
  • Promotional Material Design and Copy – as desired, for website or print: bookmarks, book cover, business cards, landing pages, graphics, social media, etc. – Value – $2,200
  • Other Desired Publishing Platforms – help with Amazon, IngramSpark, digital and print versions, ISBN information – Value – $500
  • Etc. – assistance with anything regarding your platform and book selling including basic advice, information and answering of field related questions and encouragement – Value – $Priceless Luxury$

Over $18,000 Value – plus the luxury of working one-on-one with me for 4-8 weeks

Hiring a publicist, alone, will cost you between $2,500-3,500 with a minimum 3 month commitment and no guarantees. I will, not only help you with publishing your book or launching your product, but creating your own publicity and marketing strategy, and guide you along the way to implementing it and showing you how to produce results.

Limited Time – $5175.00

In addition to all of the above, I have colleagues who can help you with any additional services to promote your book or business! 

*Payment options are available – please contact me below for details. 

Have questions? Please don’t hesitate to ask!  I’ll help you in any way that I can.