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SEO and Marketing Tips for Authors

SEO for Authors – How to Rock

SEO for Authors – How to Rock Do Authors Need to Worry About SEO Skills? Simple answer – yes, you need to work on your SEO skills – even if you’re just an author trying to sell books. As an author SEO should be one of the top skills to learn if you plan on...

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How to Get Traffic to Your Author Website

Tips on Getting Traffic to Your Author Website

Tips on Getting Traffic to Your Author Website Getting traffic to your author website isn’t luck, a magic formula, or any other such myth. Every aspect of your business, product, and yes, getting traffic to your website requires applying the necessary skills, and yes, work. You have to take the steps to get your links...

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Tips to Get More Traffic to Your Author Website

Traffic to Your Author Website with Awesome SEO

SEO Tips for Getting More Traffic to Your Author Website First of all, you may be asking, what is SEO and what does it matter to me? I’m just putting my website up so that people can go there and see my stuff – right? It matters a lot – just as much as grammar and...

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How to Build, Manage, and Maintain Your Author Social Media

Rocking Social Media for Authors

Rocking Social Media for Authors Tips to Manage Social Media for Authors Social media for authors is fairly easy if you go about it the right way, but don’t be afraid that you’re alone if you’re unsure about how to deal with it. Just like everything else, it does take some work and practice to get it going,...

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What to Put on Children's Author Website

Content Ideas for Your Author Blog

Content Ideas to Post on Your Author Blog Sometimes when your creativity is focused on your book it’s hard to come up with content ideas for your author blog. Here are a few tips and ideas to get you started for when you’re having difficulty coming up with content ideas. Some things to keep in mind...

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Do You Need an Author Website?

Why You Need an Author Website

Do You Need an Author Website? Many authors don’t think they need a website because they think they should rely on social media, book venues such as Amazon, or their publishers. Relying on outside websites doesn’t help you build your audience, even though it may be bringing you some sales. In order to build your...

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Where to find affiliate links for your website.

Where to Earn Money with Your Author Website

Where to Earn Money With Your Author Website As we said in a previous post – Should You Put Affiliate Links On Your Author Website? – it’s not a bad idea to put some well-balanced affiliate links and advertisements to earn extra money with your author website, as long as you don’t overdo it or make...

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Marketing Ideas for Children's Books

Children’s Book Marketing Ideas

Children’s Book Marketing Ideas   Children’s Book Marketing Ideas To Put On Your Author Website or Physically Mailed As an author in the 21st century, you certainly have to be more vigilant with your own book marketing than ever before, in which case, many authors find themselves having to learn marketing as well. Many authors think...

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