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What to Put on Children's Author Website

Content Ideas for Your Author Blog

Content Ideas to Post on Your Author Blog Sometimes when your creativity is focused on your book it’s hard to come up with content ideas for your author blog. Here are a few tips and ideas to get you started for when you’re having difficulty coming up with content ideas. Some things to keep in mind...

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Easiest business setup for authors - protect your privacy with a business address.

Should an Author Register a Business?

Easy Business Setup to Simplify Your Life *Disclaimer: I am not a CPA or an attorney – all information in this post is from personal experience and research and is not to be considered legal advice of any kind. If you have legal questions, you should contact a certified professional in your state or province,...

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Tips to Get More Traffic to Your Author Website

Traffic to Your Author Website with Awesome SEO

SEO Tips for Getting More Traffic to Your Author Website First of all, you may be asking, what is SEO and what does it matter to me? I’m just putting my website up so that people can go there and see my stuff – right? It matters a lot – just as much as grammar and...

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How do I write a synopsis for my book?

What is a Synopsis and How Do I Write One?

How do I write a synopsis for my book? At its most fundamental level, a synopsis answers the question: What is this book about? A synopsis should cover (in abbreviated form) all the major points of your book in sequential order from beginningto end. In a work of fiction, you’ll want to cover all the...

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How to Get Traffic to Your Author Website

Tips on Getting Traffic to Your Author Website

Tips on Getting Traffic to Your Author Website Getting traffic to your author website isn’t luck, a magic formula, or any other such myth. Every aspect of your business, product, and yes, getting traffic to your website requires applying the necessary skills, and yes, work. You have to take the steps to get your links...

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Do You Need an Affiliate Disclosure Statement?

Do You Need an Affiliate Disclosure Statement?

Do You Need an Affiliate Disclosure Statement on Your Website? If you use any kind of links or advertising on your website where you receive monetary income if someone clicks on the link or advertisement, then yes, you absolutely need an affiliate disclosure statement. You also must use a disclosure statement if you receive a free...

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Marketing Ideas for Children's Books

Children’s Book Marketing Ideas

Children’s Book Marketing Ideas   Children’s Book Marketing Ideas To Put On Your Author Website or Physically Mailed As an author in the 21st century, you certainly have to be more vigilant with your own book marketing than ever before, in which case, many authors find themselves having to learn marketing as well. Many authors think...

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How to get more followers on Twitter.

Easy to Use Twitter Growth Service

Easily Grow Real Twitter Followers There are so many social media platforms now it’s hard to keep up sometimes. Personally, I prefer LinkedIn and Twitter to connect with my clients because that’s where my audience lives.  These are simply the top platforms for authors, writers, entrepreneurs, and small business to connect with their audience, readers,...

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