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Do You Need an Affiliate Disclosure Statement on Your Website?

If you use any kind of links or advertising on your website where you receive monetary income if someone clicks on the link or advertisement, then yes, you absolutely need an affiliate disclosure statement.

Do You Need an Affiliate Disclosure Statement?

You also must use a disclosure statement if you receive a free or discounted product in exchange for a review. This includes reviews that you give on Amazon or any other website as well, except it needs to specifically be stated within the review.

What is an affiliate disclosure statement?

An affiliate disclosure statement is a short statement that says you receive monetary compensation if someone clicks on the links on your website or within your content. It doesn’t matter how many links or advertisements you use, you still have to include the statement near the link.

Take a look at the one on the top of my page for an example. I had a colleague once tell me that it looks tacky, and while I couldn’t agree more from a design perspective, but at least I know I’m following the rules, being transparent with my site visitors, and won’t run into any trouble with the FTC.

See the full text and download the FTC Affiliate Disclosure PDF Here.

The statement I have on the top of my page is considered a blanket statement, in which I also include a link to a more detailed page. This isn’t necessary, but I prefer it since I have such a simple statement on the top of my page.

If you only have a few posts where you have an affiliate link then you only have to include the statement on those specific posts.

Do You Need an Affiliate Disclosure on Your Website?

I don’t necessarily have affiliate links within every single post, but there are ads on the sidebar, at the top, and bottom of the pages even if they aren’t within the content. My WordPress themes have extra page widgets so I can have it set so that it just appears on every single page so I don’t have to keep writing it over and over.

One thing that’s clear, according to the law, you need an affiliate disclosure statement where your visitors will see it right away. There are some website owners who generate their fortune just from affiliate income and they only put a tiny link at the bottom of their page which is totally wrong and could get them into a lot of trouble.

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Earning a little extra money, or turning your website into a full-time income, is an easy and perfectly honest means of work. Just be sure that you follow the simple rules that are in place so that you don’t run into difficulties.

If you have any questions regarding affiliate link usage on your website, please don’t hesitate to ask, I’m happy to help you in any way I can.

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