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One More Round – Ian Schoolboy Garrett

The Life Story of Ian “Schoolboy” Garrett

I was thoroughly impressed reading One More Round, not because of the book itself, but really the story. After a tragic accident early in his life, Ian Schoolboy Garrett spent the second half of his upbringing under the guidance of Jack Leonard-who was an amazing man in the boxing industry. 

Jack Leonard, USA Hall of Fame Boxer and renowned boxing trainer, had been in the witness protection program through major scandals in the boxing industry and decided he’d had enough. He moved to Florida and ran the Police Athletic League. 

There he met the Schoolboy when he was a kid, adopted him, and turned him into a champion.

“Schoolboy Garrett, a rising senior at Winter Haven High School, is the best looking prospect I’ve seen in my 30 years of being associated with the sport here,” said Leonard. 

So what happened? That’s where the story comes in. 

One More Round, though isn’t long, is filled with news stories, photos, tragedy and inspiration. I highly recommend it to anyone in need of hope. 

Ian Schoolboy Garrett

One More Round - The Life Story of Ian "Schoolboy" Garrett book review
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