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Design ~ Publish ~ Launch

Manuscript Formatting

Ever pick up a book – flip the pages, and say, wow? Sometimes the typography is enough to capture your attention.

This is where your plain text manuscript is transformed into the aesthetically pleasing book interior.

We’ll work together to choose the page style and look, you want for your interior.

You’ll receive a print-ready interior for your book in any trim size and format you want – including paperback, hardback, and eBook.

All your front and back matter, chapter titles, page numbers, headers, footers – will be styled as you want, including graphics and all the little lovelies that make books wonderful.

You’ll also get a basic proofreading of your edited manuscript – another pair of eyes to catch any misspellings, punctuation, or grammatical errors.

Swag & Cover Design

You probably already have an idea of what you want on your book cover – you may even have artwork or photos, or maybe you don’t. No worries.

We’ll work together to create a beautiful book cover that represents you and your story – a cover that brings your vision to life. 

Your cover will be formatted to any or all of the following: paperback, hardcover, and eBook, for any trim size.

You’ll also receive graphics for social media, websites, reviewers, advertising – including book covers in various formats and sizes, and promotional book mockups – as seen below.

Bookmark design is included, as well as flyers, mugs, t-shirts, any promotional author swag or print media materials you need.

Limit of five different products or items, excluding bookmarks.

Author & Book Launch

You’ve written your book, it’s ready for publishing, but do you have what you need for a book launch?

Let’s get your publicity materials ready!

I’ll write, format, and create a press release, book summaries, blurbs, jacket copy, author bios, profiles, reviews, media pitches, and all marketing copy for you and your book – including everything you don’t know you need.

Book reviews are a huge part in your early success – I’ll help you submit your book for review to many of the top reviewers.

We’ll also work together to create your targeted reader audience and how to reach them.

I’ll be the compass to guide you through every step of your book publishing and launch process to ensure you have everything you need for success.

Manuscript Formatting

From This - Letter Size Basic File

How do I make my book pages for publishing on Amazon?

To This - Your Size - 6x9 Example

What do I need to format my book for publishing?

Cover Design & Formatting

From This - Your Cover Ideas

Book Cover Design Help - formatting for self-publishing

To This - Fit for Your Manuscript

How do I make a cover for my book? I need help making a book cover design.

Manuscript Formatting

  • Book interior formatting.
  • Title page, graphics, & typography.
  • Multiple trim sizes and formats
  • Basic read through for spelling, punctuation, grammar, and general syntax.

Please be sure that your book reads as if you would publish it right now as it is.

See Editing Tips before you send.

Swag & Cover Design

  • 3 book cover files as applicable – Hardback, Paperback, and eBook.
  • Book cover graphics in various sizes and formats.
  • Social media graphics.
  • Advertising and banner graphics.
  • Bookmark design.
  • Book swag designs.
  • Promotional material design.

Author & Book Launch

  • Multiple book summaries, jacket copy, and blurbs
  • Press release & media pitch
  • Multiple author bios
  • Social media help
  • Submission for major reviews
  • Book launch plan
  • Author publicity plan
  • Book marketing plan
  • Reader audience targeting

Author Publicity & Book Marketing Package

Everything above is included in the Publish & Promote Launch-Ready Package, which is all you need for your own DIY marketing and book launch.

This add-on publicity service includes only paid review submissions to top-quality reviewers, magazines, and blogs; press release submission to over 500 news media outlets; author pitches to media outlets for interviews; and paid online advertisement campaigns targeted to your reader audience.

With the add-on Marketing and Publicity Package, you’ll receive personalized attention to rapidly grow your own audience, reach real readers, and get the momentum started for long-term book sales and your foundation as an author.

  • Press release submission to over 500 online and offline news media outlets with links to your book, website, and social media.
  • Paid book review submissions to top-quality, high traffic reviewers, social media influencers, magazines, and blogs.
  • Reader audience targeted search engine and social media advertisements.
  • TV, radio, podcast, blog, and any relevant media channel outreach for interviews, targeted to your reader audience.
  • 100 Bookmarks are printed and shipped to you.