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Sentence Fragments – Stylistic Choice?

Should I Use Sentence Fragments?

Should I use sentence fragments in my book manuscript? Is this bad writing or style?
Sentence fragments.

Who cares? You? Me?



Writing nonfiction?

Probably wouldn’t.

Work, that is.

Writing fiction?

Could be.


On what?


With some authors?

Might work.


Not so much.

A hundred years ago?

Wouldn’t have been acceptable.

Writing fragments, that is.

Too formal back then.

Long run-on sentences.

That was the norm.

Short ones?


No. Probably rarely. If ever.

But now?

Sure. Why not.

In an age where anything goes?




Never know.

Do it.

See what happens.

Are sentence fragments bad to use in a story? Are they really bad grammar or stylistic choice?

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