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Seven Epaulettes of Leadership – Shawn Abrams

Learned So Much About Coaching and Mentoring!

Seven Epaulettes of Leadership is a fantastic book by author, Shawn Abrams! What I got most out of it was about Coaching and Mentoring – I’ve always had a bit of a struggle when I’m working with my clients if I should call myself a coach or a mentor and this book has helped me see the difference – I love it!

I’ve also learned a great deal about business relationships that are going to be super helpful to me and my clients. Yes, there are tons of leadership books out there – and this one fits right in there with many of the leadership and business books that I’ve read. It offers a fresh perspective on relationships that other leading authors miss.

I highly recommend Seven Epaulettes of Leadership for anyone looking to properly instill leadership within their teams and build relationships that create a more positive and productive workflow.  

Shawn Abrams

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