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Ten awesome ideas to reach your writing goals for your book!

Ten Super Awesome Ideas to Reach Your Writing Goals

Having Trouble Getting Motivated to Write? You’re not alone. Many writers struggle with keeping up the motivation. What you often need to keep up that motivation is keep a steady momentum with daily goals. As a writer, and (recovering) procrastinator, I’ve tried lots of ways to keep going with writing – but still often let...

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How to make your characters engage and interact in their surroundings and create real a world setting in your book.

Fine Tuning Your Manuscript – Part Three

Engage Your Characters in Their Setting When you’re characters interact through dialogue, make them interact as well with their surroundings. There should be a continual interplay of character and setting. Examine your dialogue sections to ensure they don’t just take place in a vacuum. What are your characters holding in their hands? If they’re not...

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How to write and revise your novel manuscript with active voice - passive examples.

Active Versus Passive Voice

Engage Your Reader with Active Voice in Your Writing While it has it’s uses – mostly in business writing – passive voice is considered weak and unappealing. Technically speaking, voice is determined by the property of a transitive verb which shows whether the subject of a sentence acts or is acted upon. Lets look at...

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Adverb lessons - what do adverbs modify in writing? How do I use adverbs in writing my book novel manuscript? Is it okay to use adverbs in fiction?

Adverbs – Part Two

What Words Serve as Both Adjectives & Adverbs? Yes, some words can serve as both adjectives and adverbs. He swung hard with a right hook. Here, hard serves as an adverb which modifies the verb swung. When he fell, his head hit the hard concrete. Here, hard is an adjective modifying the noun concrete. Occasionally,...

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