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Are you using too many cliches in your writing? Do you need to avoid cliches?

Do You Need to Avoid Clichés?

How Cliché is Using Clichés in Your Writing? This one’s a tough nut to crack. Avoiding cliches is like avoiding headaches. We’d all love to, but there’s no way we’ll ever completely avoid them. With hundreds of cliches, they’re as thick as pea soup, and therefore, often the first ideas which come to mind. Clichés...

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What are adverbs - how should I use adverbs - can I use adverbs in my manuscript?

Adverbs – Part One

What is an Adverb?  An adverb is a word that modifies a verb, an adjective, or another adverb. Here’s some examples: Adjective Form: happy clear close dear perfect Adverb Form: happily clearly closely dearly perfectly Of course, not all adverbs in in ly as the following list demonstrates: quite very much right too never  soon...

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Using urgency for your characters and putting them in peril to keep your readers engaged and turning the page of your book.

Story Pacing – Urgency – Hooking Readers

The First Fifty – Crucial – Pages of Your Book The first fifty pages of your book are crucial for setting the hook in your readers. Something has to happen. Something exciting, or intriguing, or you risk losing your reader’s interest. Limit Backstory – It’s always tempting in the beginning to fill the reader in...

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How to use different points of view in your novel manuscript for fiction.

What is the Best Point of View to Use in Fiction?

Benefits and Drawbacks of Each POV in Your MS As a beginning writer who chose to write my first book in first-person narrative, I discovered the drawbacks of such an approach the hard way. Halfway through the book, I started all over in third-person – something I wouldn’t recommend. Briefly, Point of View – when...

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